Modern furniture design and layout

Furniture design principle, home layout scheme, etc.

Understanding of space
Understanding of space

The interior design refers to the space is a building space surrounded by walls, floors, flat roofs and doors and windows. The same space, as long as the treatment is different, will produce different spatial effects. It’s not hard to get the effect of expanding or reducing space by learning how to match the illusion of length and width, as well as colors and mirrors. In interior design, space can be divided into “fixed space” and “variable space” two kinds. Fixed space is the building structure of the formation of a space, all by the most basic walls, ceilings, doors and windows and floors. In the fixed space with screens, combination cabinets, furniture, plants to the original space again separated into different shapes, sizes of space, that is, variable space. Space can be divided into physical, open and psychological space due to its nature and function. As the name implies, physical space refers to a four-walled room with fixed walls or doors and windows, such as study, bedroom, bathroom, etc., open space refers to a space for a variety of uses without fixed wall separators, such as connected living room and dining room, open single room.
Psychological space refers to different areas that are divided into abstract ways in an open space, such as placing a carpet or building a small platform in the living room area, or hanging different chandeliers on the ceiling, using the lighting angle to subtly create a psychological space.

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