Modern furniture design and layout

Furniture design principle, home layout scheme, etc.

Treatment of spatial effects

Modern residential buildings, due to lack of land, more to building units, the practical area of the house correspondingly reduced, small space so that many people have no countermeasures. In fact, the same space, as long as the treatment of different, will produce different spatial effects. The unique layout allows you to expand the limited space or reduce the amount of space. It’s not hard to expand or shrink space as long as you know how long and width, as well as the illusions created by color and mirrors. In the lower room, use vertical lines to divide the space, such as vertical curtain, straight wooden floor, can make the room have a sense of height and stretch. Changing smaller windows from the ceiling to the ground, giving the room more light and more outdoor views, will give the space a feeling of flowing expansion, which is the effect of “through”.On the contrary, the excessive window cover “on the wall or small, can produce a reduction in The effect of less space. Affecting space with color is another design trick. Because the light color causes the object to retreat, the lighter the color of the wall and floor, the larger the space. A light color on the ceiling can create a feeling of improvement.

In contrast, a strong deep color can bring objects closer together, and dotting the surroundings with contrasting artworks or patterns makes the empty, wide space look more compact.

Treatment of spatial effects

In addition to changing the visual effects of space with illusions, in the substantive fixed space, as long as careful observation, it is not difficult to find a lot of wasted space, such as too large hall way, or unused balcony, these are available places to use, more thinking, make full use of these spaces can often effectively reduce congestion elsewhere; A fixed space can often play a multi-functional role, such as a spacious kitchen with a small coffee table, can be turned into a place to chat with family and friends, while it is easy to prepare refreshments for entertainment, the living room added desks and bookshelves, can be used as a study.
The secret of success lies in flexible processing space, which, through some mobilization, often frees up a lot of space unexpectedly.

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