Modern furniture design and layout

Furniture design principle, home layout scheme, etc.

The use of light

Perfect interior lighting design, should fully meet the requirements of practical and artistic aspects. Adequate brightness, proper hues, reasonable lighting selection and proper arrangement are all aspects of lighting design. Using the unique lighting effect, consciously highlight some key points and elements of interior design, to achieve the purpose of rendering indoor atmosphere indoor lighting is a practical and artistic combination of design and decoration equipment.

The use of light

From a practical point of view, lighting fixtures in the indoor environment plays a role in regulating light and dark, so as to obtain good visual effects. In addition, the unique lighting effect can also be used, consciously highlight some of the key points and elements of interior design, so that it can strengthen coordination with each other, to achieve the purpose of rendering the indoor atmosphere, resulting in or brilliant magnificent, or quiet and comfortable environment with the improvement of science and technology and living standards, modern people’s requirements for living become more diverse and comfortable.

Therefore, artificial lighting technology in the interior design of the status of increasingly important, more and more attention. Living space if only basic lighting, it can not meet the requirements.
To this end, a variety of lighting tools such as wall lamps, seat lamps, spotlights, etc. have been used in the interior design in the layout of lamps and lighting lighting should be uniform and reasonable mainly, on this basis through the local addition of lamps to achieve the focus of the purpose.

Therefore, when considering the layout of lamps, should be divided into the basic requirements of the whole and local emphasis on the function of the two procedures. When considering the overall basic requirements, should be light exposure area, lighting installation location, such as height, distance, etc., so that it can provide enough brightness, convenient living in local treatment, should be in a specific location to add lamps to strengthen an item or area of lighting, highlight the focus, so that it can enrich the indoor space level, Produces special effects.

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