Modern furniture design and layout

Furniture design principle, home layout scheme, etc.

The Importance of Indoor Color Design

Interior furniture, decorations and room aspects such as ceiling, walls, floor color, is the composition of the indoor space color elements. Therefore, the color design is suitable, can make people feel warm, cheerful, refreshing. On the contrary, mishandling can be dull and old.

Densely populated urban buildings, indoor space is relatively small, therefore, indoor furnishings occupy most of the space and walls, furniture has a practical and decorative dual function.
In the furnishings of large pieces of furniture such as sofas, table bed, cabinet, its color often become the main element of the entire indoor environment color design. Therefore, according to the design of the nature of the interior space to determine its unique style, and this style to choose the color of furniture. If you want to have a bright, refreshing style, you can choose light colors such as light gray, green or bright yellow, etc. , choose dark color will produce a solemn, elegant feeling, such as dark blue, purple and so on.
Light tones are mostly used in the living room, and the likes of light yellow walls, light coffee-colored cloth sofas and white curtains all help reduce the crowding of the small living room. Carefully set a small amount of dark furniture, used properly, can effectively form a solemn atmosphere, the larger room is more suitable. The bedroom is used as a rest and sleep, the color should be warmer, you can choose a darker color.
Children’s room can be considered to use more distinctive colors of furniture or walls, to suit the child’s lively personality and inspire their imagination to understand the use and combination of color, can strengthen the sensitivity of color, so as to achieve the desired design effect. Choose color to abide by a principle, that is, most of the room space to use the same color, while other decoration, furniture can be used in another color to emphasize, can also be most of the decoration, curtains and walls are used in the same color floor alone another color, other decorations and furniture, you can choose a third color.
However, it must be matched with the first two color changes. Color diversity can increase the level of space and vivid sense, but must be appropriate to stop, so as not to create a sense of clutter.
If the whole room is in roughly the same hue, the atmosphere is more harmonious and feels peaceful and comfortable.
To create a characteristic indoor space environment, is the ultimate purpose of indoor color design from the design of the program, color design should start from the overall tone, from large to small, in the unity of the search for change, and ultimately achieve a perfect, comfortable visual effect.

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