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The charm of the mirror
The charm of the mirror

In interior design, mirror can be said to be a rare material, its unique reflective surface, help to produce visual effects, enhance the spatial feel glass, mirror is transparent, reflective items, there is an expanded space, increase the depth of the visual effect, and its smooth and bright surface, can cause crystal-like indoor space effect. Glass can be used to do walls, ceilings, processing and even flooring, is a rare material in interior design. When needed, glass, enamel and other metal materials are combined to make expensive patterns or utensils of different shapes.

The position of the mirror in the interior design depends on the situation and the desired effect. If used as embellishment, the mirror can be attached to a metal frame hanging on the wall, the image in the mirror is like an active picture, to expand the interior space, the mirror can cover the entire wall, from the ceiling to the ground, so that all the furniture in the room is reflected in the mirror, the indoor space can be doubled visually. If the opposite wall in the left and right at the same time covered with mirrors, because the two mirrors reflect each other, the depth of the visual space will have an infinite sense of distance, will make people feel marginal and insecure, so it is not suitable for room design and more for narrow restaurant design. Covering the mirror on a low ceiling produces an improved effect. Mirrors can also be installed on the wardrobe facade of the dressing room or bathroom, which can expand the narrow space, as well as cover the door, and of course, it also serves as a convenience for makeup.

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