Modern furniture design and layout

Furniture design principle, home layout scheme, etc.

Selection of modern furniture materials and patterns

The appropriate selection of design materials and good at the use of the natural patterns of various objects, combined with the interior design processing, can make the color monotony of the room also become interesting. Any natural or processed items, which have their own hues and give rise to different feelings, such as rattan, brick, stone, marble, wood, metal, mirrors, as well as linen, silk, velvet, etc., as long as the unique effects and tones of these items are mastered, combined with the interior design, cleverly distribute different materials and patterns in the appropriate space, So that the color of the room causes changes in psychological induction and improves the effect, even the color monotony of the room also suddenly become interesting.

It is often common to mix materials with different textures of the same hue, so that the two can stand out in the balance. Put the rough rattan frame in the same room as the soft cloth sofa and combine it into an original style. Also such as in the clear line of the floor to place a patterned carpet, or on the red brick wall hanging a mirror or glass painting, can make the balance between the two, each brilliant, play the artistic effect of interior design. As to what materials, patterns should be combined to be the most perfect, it is entirely dependent on the preferences of all people, so this kind of cooperation has no conventional and criteria, can not rely on theory alone, to experience and feel in practice.

In design, the types of patterns can be said to be varied, but can be summarized into natural and artificial. Natural refers to the natural color, texture or shape of objects, such as marble and wood texture lines, zebra and cattle skin, plant shape, etc. , have their own unique pattern. And artificial patterns, such as textiles, tapestries, brick walls, blinds, rattan and bamboo products, etc. will constitute the geometric pattern of the work. Patterns of the fit or overlap, the overall interior design has a great impact. When considering pattern fit, be as careful as considering color, and combine similar styles to complement each other and strengthen the effect, such as putting a chair or sofa made of animal skin on a mat woven into a cane, will strengthen the original style.

Knowing how to match the furniture materials and patterns, and will use the balance of the whole tone, then, to some extent, has mastered the key to the whole interior design.

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