Modern furniture design and layout

Furniture design principle, home layout scheme, etc.

Function of lighting in indoor areas

The foyer area is a welcoming place and should have a warm and pleasant atmosphere, with widely lit ceiling lamps and wall lamps achieving the ideal effect, if there are stairs in the foyer, there must be enough light from the top.

The living room is the place for daily activities and the meeting room. In addition to basic lighting, it is best to partially add lighting fixtures, such as colored or metal cover table lamps, lighting ornaments or hanging ceiling point lighting, will give rise to a warm feeling. Crystal ceiling chandeliers and lamp lamps add a sense of luxury.
If you shine the light on the ceiling and then spread into space, you can add a romantic touch.

Function of lighting in indoor areas

The dining room is the place to eat, the dining table is naturally the focus of lighting, the most ideal light is more widely illuminated from the top down, but no matter which lighting equipment is chosen, it is important to ensure that the light will not be directly directed into the diner’s head, on the ceiling to install the light to the table of flowers or food, can enhance color, increase appetite.

The bedroom is a room for rest and sleep, so lighting requirements should be soft-oriented, making it easier for people to go to sleep. Light shines on the ceiling or wall, using refraction to reduce intense light. The head of the bed can be equipped with a cloth-covered table lamp or barrel-shaped wall lamp, easy to read, under the bedside table installed small lights for walking at night.

Kitchen due to work needs, on average, lighting should be brighter, in addition to basic lighting, but also should be locally equipped with lamps to help lighting, such as work surfaces, table preparation, washing basins and stoves should be fully lit. The lamp should be waterproof and simple, easy to clean.

For general lycinatts, the bathroom can be lit by a basic lamp from the ceiling or by the mirror, and the larger bathroom can be illuminated with ceiling bucket or wall lamps. Because the bathroom water vapor is large, so the lamp should be waterproof, anti-steam function. All electrical installation sits absolutely safe and does not come into contact with any electrical switches when bathing to avoid danger.

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