Modern furniture design and layout

Furniture design principle, home layout scheme, etc.

Effect of color design of modern furniture

The various components of the indoor environment have their own different colors, and the sum of these colors forms the color of the indoor environment.
Hue depends not only on the color of the object, but also on its shape and texture, so the color design can not be handled separately, but throughout the overall process of interior design.
Successful interior design, must not ignore a major link, that is, color design.

If the color design fits well, the atmosphere of the whole room becomes more harmonious and coordinated. Any thing has color, and the respective colors may be coordinated or mutually exclusive, or may mix reflections, which can cause different visual sensations.
The various components of the indoor environment have their different colors, and the overlap of these colors creates the color of the indoor environment. Different shades of environment often give people different feelings. Hue sits not only from the object itself, but also from the shape, texture, distance, volume, and temperature of the object. For example, the sun shines on the body will feel warm or hot baking, so all and the sun color close to the color gives a warm feeling, such as red, orange, yellow, called warm color; The warmth of color is directly related to the brightness and smoothness of the material surface, such as the higher the white content of the bright color, the cooler, dark color is warm. Smooth surfaces give a cool feel, such as a mirror, while rough objects have a warm feeling, such as wood. The feeling of color is purely psychological effect so the same color, different people will cause different associations, resulting in different feelings, for the color of the likes and dislikes, but also due to age, gender, occupation, geographical environment and change;
Therefore, the tone of home design, after a certain period of time should be re-processed, in addition to mastering the popular trend of color, but also to play the psychological effect of color design.

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