Modern furniture design and layout

Furniture design principle, home layout scheme, etc.

Create space from the original structure

The most direct way to add more space, or to divide two or more functional areas in a single fixed space, is to change the original structure. The size of such changes depends entirely on the space required. Small, such as the push door to the door to place furniture, large e.g. the entire house is not loaded on the wall to be removed, and then re-spacing as required. Single-room apartments are common in cities with a large number of people. To elastically process spaces, you can usually build multiple platforms of different heights in this large space, separated into many relatively separate small spaces, depending on the usage requirements. This allows the single-room apartment to take full advantage of the changes in the ground floor, and the formation of a variety of different functions of the space, the higher end can become a bedroom or work room, while the lower end can be used as a dining room, placed on the ground a few cushions become elegant living room. The higher platform is fitted with a pull-out door, and its interior can be used as a locker, which can store and store clutter, so as not to damage the clean lines and features of the room.

Create space from the original structure

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