Modern furniture design and layout

Furniture design principle, home layout scheme, etc.

Function of lighting in indoor areas

The content of interior design includes practical and formal aspects, which is the whole design of the two sides, there is a close relationship between each other, practical can be simply defined as the function to meet the actual needs, the form can be defined as the function of meeting the spiritual needs.

Basic elements of interior design

The purpose of interior design is to meet the spiritual beauty of the occupants and give full play to the use of the house function, so the interior design is first of all subject to the structure of the building and the use of furniture function constraints. Understanding the spatial structure of a house is a prerequisite for a good design before you consider the design content.
In other words, the first accurate determination of the building components such as walls, floors, ceilings, beams, doors and windows, etc. , so as to calculate the actual available space, and then determine how to color, decoration, lighting, furniture and structure with the use of space. One thing that must not be overlooked is that any interior design is centered on meeting human needs, so it is necessary to meet the “ergonomic” specifications when dealing with space. National style and local characteristics are also the basic elements of design.
Therefore, in order to do a good job in interior design, we must understand the basic elements of interior design and their interrelationship, to create a practical, comfortable, beautiful living space, rely on people’s vision, hearing, smell and touch to perceive, to experience the effect of design.

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